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The Golden Root (Safed Musli),

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Posted on 18 March 2018

Last Updated 18 March 2018

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Chlorophytum Borivilianum is eaten as a leaf vegetable in some parts of India like BastarC.G., and its roots are used medicinally as a sex tonic under the name safed moosli or Safed Musli . The medicinal value is thought to derive from its saponin content, up to 17 percent by dry weight. It has also recently been suggested that it may produce an aphrodisiac agent. It is a herb with lanceolate leaves, from tropical wet forests. As medicinal demand has increased, the plant has been brought under cultivation. The saponins and alkaloids present in the plant are the source of its alleged aphrodisiac properties. [1], [2]
Safed Musli is originally grown in thick forest in natural form, and is a traditional medicinal plant of INDIA,although ,we have seen few verity of Chlorophytum,s in Ashosa area during our this ETHIOPIA,s(AFRICA) forest visit in March 2012 to explre common herbs of India and Africa. But we found that these verities are not edible.Mainly Indian Chlorophytum Borrivi.,s  tuberous roots are used in ayurvedic medicines. Roots are used for the preparation of nutritive tonic used in general sexual weakness from Vedic era( Approx.2500-3000 Years). Nowadays, there is a very vast demand all over the world (Specially Gulf countries and cold countries). Due to limited supply and  its vast demand it is now very costly herb. Safed Musli is a herb with sub-erect leaves and tuberous root system. It can grow up to a maximum height of 1.5 ft. Tubers/Roots  can grow up to a depth of 10". Safed Musli is a tiny annual herb that grows well in tropical and sub-tropical climates with altitudes up to 1500 meters. Safed Musli has its origin in the Indian Subcontinent.Only Organic verities of Chlorophytum Borrivi.(Safed Musli) devolopped by Maa Danteshwari Herbal Research Centre  of BastarC.G. are MDB-13 & MDB-14.These verities are high yielding,disease resistant,and especially fungal resistant,any very popular in Indian Herbal farmers of almost all climatic zones since last 11 years.International (recognized) lab tests proved that, These are only verity can assure us  Highest % of Active Ingredients,and all time better and more authentic herb than  socalled GINSENG or ZINSENG.


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