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Some Facts

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Posted on 18 March 2018

Last Updated 18 March 2018

  • As a result of in house research and experiments on their, suitability, viability, productivity, demand and market availability, we have taken up cultivation of the following high value herbals on our farms. 2012-2013 Crop.

Herbal PLants Area under
Chlorophytum Boirivilianum (Safed Musli or Moosli) 175+ acres
Withania somnifera (Aswagandha) 200 acres
Stevia  (Stevia Rebudiana) 300 acres
Cymbopogon Citrus (Lemon Grass) 1o0 acres
Ginger (Verity Suprabha) 35 acres
Mucuna pruriens (Kaunch) 50 acres
Sarpgandha,Giloye,gudmar 800 acres
Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh) 25 acres

 Ficus,Jamun,Amlki,Haritaki,Bibhitaki,Black Peeper( InterCrop)

200 acres
Costus speciosus,Turmeric,Manjishtha,Licorice 55 acres
Bixa Orellana (Annatto),Kalmegh,Satawar,Gotucola 150 acres
Gloriosa superaba (Kalihari),Sasparila,Karela 25 acres
Colchicum lutenum (hirantutiya),Gugul,Coleus Forskoli 200 acres
Tulsi,ARJUNA,Vakushi,Kalajeeri,Jyotismati,And many others 22 Herbs... 500 acres

  • Since Safed Musli is a native of Indian jungles, it,s most popular verity MDB-13 & MDB-14  has been successfully grown on our various farms under different soil conditions (black soil, red soil,  and sandy loamy), and different irrigation facilities like sprinkler, rain-gun, drip etc. with different pH values and inputs. On the basis of our  14 years farrming of Musli,The fact is established that  Musli can grow on all types of soil with all methods of irrigation and other inputs.
  • No doubt ideal conditions have always been advantageous and yielded good results. We have also successfully tried the fact that Safed Musli grows well as inter crop with other herbs and even under trees like Bananas, Annatto, Mangium etc.
  • We have also successfully tried the three tier system of cultivation where we grow Safed Musli or any other Herb on the land, Plant trees or Shrubs and grow herbal altcreepers/climbers on these plants and shrubs to enhance the returns and viability and to utilize the land optimally.
  • It has been established on our farms that it doesn't require much extra workers to take care of the THREE TIER SYSTEM of cultivation, rather it provides natural micro environment for the herbs to grow.
  • We have also tried to grow Safed Musli from its seeds, but results were very poor germination, very delicate saplings, high mortality rate, very thin tubers requiring too much of care with poor results. Also, the tubers takes 3 to 4 years to mature.

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“Booking Closed of Safed Musli Planting Materials for the Year 2017”

Booking of Safed Musli Planting Materials for the Year 2018 is Going on.

The Cost of Planting Material @ INR 6 per tuber

Early Birds will get discount of 10 Thousands to 1 Lakh (Conditions Applied)