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Posted on 18 March 2018

Last Updated 18 March 2018


  • After extensive cultivation and research we have produced two high yielding varieties of Safed Musli - MDB13 & MDB14 which are high yielding and insect,disease and fungus resistant.
  • We have successfully grown Safed Musli in many combinations and in varying climatic, soil and irrigation conditions the fact is established that Safed Musli is not a delicate plant as it has been projected to be and it has grown in all the conditions even where we provided no care of weeding, manuring, irrigation etc. But in all the above cases, as far as yield was concerned, the results were different.
  • Since the planting material is very costly, it is always advisable to provide ideal growing conditions to obtain maximum yield and better results.
  • Confident of the market - domestic and international,  and seeing the demand and enquiries from trade after experimenting on different aspects of Safed Musli cultivation and mastering the skills of handling all related problems that may occur from time to time. We got confidant of the fact that Safed Musli can be cultivated in Bastar area on large scale and with excellent yield and economic viability.
  • We have under taken Safed Musli cultivation on 175+ acres of land spread on eight different high-tech farms. We also plan to extend the area under cultivation to 300 acres by the coming season so that we are able to cater to any large scale export or domestic requirement. We are also acquiring a fully mechanized processing unit for washing, peeling, drying and packing.
  • There are many enquiries for export of dried 'A' grade Safed Musli to various Gulf and  European countries.
  • Any individual or company interested in cultivation, marketing or export of the Safed Musli is welcome to visit our farms to have a first hand information on all the aspects of Safed Musli.
  • We devlopped effective marketing network to promote safed musli,s products on our Registered Branded name and Style of  Maa Dante,s Safed Musli Powder,or Moosli Powder,Safed Musli Capsule, Safed Musli Extracts,and a very especial Ragistered Brand of Certified Organic Safed Musli enriched Product "POWER-ON" popular AS Power On.


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“Booking Closed of Safed Musli Planting Materials for the Year 2017”

Booking of Safed Musli Planting Materials for the Year 2018 is Going on.

The Cost of Planting Material @ INR 6 per tuber

Early Birds will get discount of 10 Thousands to 1 Lakh (Conditions Applied)